Hi, I’m Hala! 

When I left my boutique in Barrhead, AB and moved to St. Albert with my family, there weren’t a lot of choices. Either Ishopped at the mall and bought things that weren’t my style, or I spent a mini fortune on something unique, and felt guilty about the splurge!

So, I opened Diverse Boutique, where women can come to feel welcome and leave excited to wear their latest find, confident they’ll look amazing when they put it on.

With sizes from XS-3X, you know you can find your most flattering fit, and feel ready to take on any new challenge!Feeling great in your clothes is about much more than looking good. The confidence shines through, so you can be your bestyou.

Plus, we only carry affordable brands, so you can skip the self-imposed guilt trip!

Shopping for something that makes you shine can be an emotional experience for many women. My entire team is here to offer personalized help, which means you always get to shop with a friend when you come in. And we only want you to buy things you really LOVE.

Our goal is to help you find something you can’t wait to show off!

We love getting to know each customer, and share ourcommunity and family values with everyone we serve. When the unthinkable happened to my family, my customers were there to support me and rally behind Diverse Boutique.

I believe in giving others what you receive and I strive to uplift all of you, the way you uplifted me when I needed it the most.  A deep appreciation of new friends and loyal supporters keeps me going!

So come see me at the store. I’d love to hear your story and help you feel your best!